Site Assessments

Before you purchase or lease your new practice, Medico Construction has our own in house real estate expert, who can help ensure that you are in the best possible position when negotiating your new purchase or lease.

Our real estate experts can carry out an inspection to ensure it’s able to meet all of your needs and city requirements before design and construction begins. By identifying and addressing potential challenges early in the process, we are able to plan ahead and avoid costly delays.

Like you, we want your new practice to be something to be proud of. Every Medico Construction contract ensures that your new practice is completed on time and on budget.

Space Planning

Our designers can customize an interior layout that will maximize your practice’s design, efficiency, patient privacy, traffic flow and storage requirements. This early stage of planning is the most important in making sure that you have a successful outcome.

We will combine your wish list with our own planning approach to create a layout that works the way you do. The space planning phase immediately establishes if your ‘wish list’ can be placed within the space available.

Our designers are able to optimize your venue's dimensions to provide more usable area, eliminating any wasted or unproductive space.

Architectural Design

Within Medico Construction we have a team of architects who can design the perfect practice for you which will not only meet city requirements, but will emphasize your personal vision. This allows clients the simplicity of dealing with only Medico Construction throughout the whole project.

Our comprehensive service offer covers all aspects of your practice under one roof, eliminating any communication issues.

Interior Design

Our team of interior designers will use their expertise to give your practice a welcoming, sophisticated and modern setting. Our interior designers have an experienced approach that has an overall positive influence on your patients, staff and most importantly you.

Our interior designers take a comprehensive approach, taking the time to understand your particular needs and desires before starting to design your practice. We will compile your ideas and wishes into a comprehensive design that fully captures the intent of your new practice. These initial discussions give you an opportunity to tell the designer how you work, the particular equipment you require, your patient demographic and any specific themes or feeling you’d like to convey in your new practice.

With a completed design, we will now be able to translate the information into design concepts that address each element of your vision. Our designers will also accommodate city requirements and incorporate these into the design solution. City requirements related to parking bays, infection control, disabled access, accreditation, plumbing, electrical, radiation shielding and a range of other statutory obligations are always considered in our comprehensive design offer.

Working the way you do

Operational efficiency is the most important when it comes to your treatment areas because the way you work will influence how your treatment rooms are planned. Specialist equipment and working space requirements are all factors your designer will take into account when planning your treatment rooms. Perhaps you like to take notes or need to access a computer while treating a patient - our designers can allow for this and design your treatment areas accordingly.

In the next stage of the interior design process, we will create a floor plan showing the location and dimensions of all relevant equipment, doors, windows and provide you with an overview of the operational flow of the new practice. On the floor plan, you will be able to see clearly the different sections for patients and staff. Once the floor plan has been finalized, any necessary city approvals applications are submitted.

A sneak preview

Three dimensional diagrams of the new practice can give you an excellent preview of what the space will look like once completed. Our designers are able to provide you with initial preview of the design at this stage so you can get a feel for the final result before the practice is built.

Textures, colors and furniture selection are vital in creating an atmosphere to put your patients at ease, to make them feel comfortable in your environment. There is an enormous range of fabrics, styles and color options to choose from, and the choices can be overwhelming. Samples of the fabrics, textures and colors will give you a chance to get a “hands on” impression. Our designers will help to insure your practice is unique to you.


Medico Construction understands how important it is in choosing the right professional when it comes to building your practice. Our goal is to help you build your dream practice and provide you with a fully functioning practice. Our experienced project managers work closely with our in house sub trades to ensure your practice is constructed with the highest quality workmanship.

Over the last few years our team has defined and developed our processes and quality control to deliver an excellent practice outcome, every time. We also understand how important time is when it

comes to building your practice. Our team works hard to have your project built on time and with no delays. You can be assured your practice will be built On Time, On Budget, and With Quality which is Medico Construction’s main beliefs.

These beliefs are what make Medico Construction the leaders in the medical construction industry.

Our Warranty

Medico Construction wants to stand behind the practices we build for our clients. All of our practices come backed with our personal 1 year Warranty. We understand how important it is for your practice to be fully functional.

Our passionate customer service is what sets us apart. Not only do we provide the warranty, Medico Construction provides two site visits to verify everything is in good working condition once the project is complete. Our experts will visit your practice 6 months after completion to do a walk through with you to make sure the practice is functioning to your needs. We also have support staff available during working hours available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Medico Construction always focuses on being responsive not adamant; innovative, not stagnant; proactive, not reactive; grateful, not assuming. We always lead and not follow. This is why we are the leading experts.

Corporate Branding

At Medico Construction, we don’t just create working spaces, we also create corporate images. Our team will integrate your existing corporate branding and logos into the overall presentation of your practice through signage and logos. We want to ensure that we don’t just build you a clinic but build you your corporate brand

If you don’t have a corporate brand, our graphic designers can create one for you.

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