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TEL : 1-604-644-4120 | OPEN: MON-FRI 10am – 8pm, SAT-SUN 10am – 6pm


Our aim is to deliver an energetic, fully functional clinic, equipped with the latest technology.

At Team Medico, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and client satisfaction. Our in-house Design, Build, and Product Specialist teams are dedicated to providing you with years of experience in the design and build of your envisioned medical clinic.

Unlike most commercial construction projects, professional medical clinic construction requires a specialized contractor to accommodate the unique needs of their industry. Our approach is to collaborate with your inspired vision and to create a space for success: Planning, Design, and Construction Management.

From concept to creation, we take care of all the little details. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations for quality, cost-efficient, and most importantly, timely project completion.

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