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TEL : 1-866-663-3426 | OPEN: MON-FRI 10am – 8pm, SAT-SUN 10am – 6pm


Site Assessments

Our experts can carry out a no-cost inspection to ensure your space is able to meet all of your needs and city requirements before design and construction begins.

By identifying and addressing potential challenges early in the process, we are able to plan ahead and avoid costs and delays.

Space Planning

Our designers can customize an interior layout that will maximize your clinic’s design, efficiency, patient privacy, traffic flow, and storage requirements. This early stage of planning is the most important in making sure that you have a successful outcome.

We will combine your wish list with our own planning approach to create a layout that works the way you do. The space planning phase immediately establishes if your ‘wish list’ can be placed within the space available.

Our designers are able to optimize your venue’s dimensions to provide more usable area, eliminating any wasted or unproductive space.

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