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About This Project

Babylon by TELUS Health

Babylon by TELUS Health is part of the new telehealth healthcare clinics across Canada. It combines the power of AI with the medical expertise of doctors, and aims to deliver more options for Canadians to access healthcare.

Centrally located in downtown Vancouver, Babylon by Telus Health attracts the eye through its distinguished brand and colours. This visual impact creates a physical environment that communicates the quality of care expected by patients already familiar with the honest values of Telus Communications.

The design process includes biophilic design principles, drawing inspiration from nature to create a space that is soothing, positive and stress-reducing. Elements of the local landscape are translated into the space conceptually through millwork designs, cedar accents and its living wall feature. In addition, the living moss wall and dropped ceiling creates acoustic separation for patient privacy while keeping the space light and open.

Its efficient floor plan and focus on function and simplicity resonates with the Babylon by Telus Health core values- Creating better access to quality healthcare nationwide. The layout includes five full exam rooms, a patient waiting area, and washrooms, all designed to maximize efficiency, patient privacy, traffic flow, and storage requirements.