Site Assessments
Our experts carry out a no-cost inspection to ensure your space meets city requirements as well as your overall vision. By identifying any challenges and providing solutions prior to design and construction, we are able to avoid costly change orders and schedule delays.
Space Planning
We at Team Medico think that a well-designed medical facility stems from two major components- a great patient space and an efficient space for the staff. Our designers can customize an interior layout that will maximize your clinic’s design, efficiency, patient privacy, traffic flow, and storage requirements. This early stage of planning is the most important in making sure that you have a successful, well-designed space for both patients and staff.


Architectural Design Service
Architectural styles for healthcare buildings are extremely diverse. Ranging from small specialist offices to sprawling hospitals that cater to the needs of thousands of patients daily, each medical facility blends distinctive design elements tailored to the specific requirements of its local community. Right from early schematic design phase, and before construction even begins, architects must think carefully about the building’s facade design, layout and location.

At Team Medico, our expertise lies in healthcare planning, clinic design, and medical architecture. We are dedicated to ensuring the meticulous care and attention your project deserves, from its inception to the successful delivery of a masterpiece. What sets us apart is our exceptional team of medical architects, interior designers, and project managers. Together, they produce innovative designs that not only excel in aesthetics but are also practical, cost-effective, and feasible for construction.

Our architectural design services include:
  • Design Sketches, Plans and Rendering
  • Architectural and Design Feasibility
  • Conceptual and Schematic Designs
  • All Approvals, Sub-Consultant Management and Communications
  • Tendering and Construction Documentation Services
  • Interior & Exterior Renovations, Upgrades & Additions
  • Following Building Codes
Interior Design Service
Today, building successful hospitals, urgent care clinics and health clinics means incorporating an evidence-based design vision from the start of a project. Comfortable interior design features are an essential part of healthcare building design. They make every room in the building feel calmer and more comfortable, especially in areas where patients and their visitors congregate. Our research-based healthcare design approach offers holistic solutions that promote healing through patient well-being while incorporating innovative technology. We work with you to ensure that the finished product aligns with your vision and goals for the space. During this stage, we establish your goals and key objectives.  We will make your vision a reality ensuring your goals and budget are aligned to create the perfect space.

Our design services include:
  • Permit Drawings & Approvals
  • Tender Drawings
  • 3D Renderings & VR Walk Through
  • Lighting and Electrical Plans
  • Finish, Fixture, Material and Color Selection
  • Comprehensive Construction Documentation

Canadian standard for healthcare facility design
Team Medico design to comply with Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standard, CSA Z8000, Canadian Healthcare Facilities–Planning, Design, and Construction. Remember that healthcare facility design is a complex process, and it’s essential to work closely with experts and consultants who are well-versed in the Z8000 Standard and healthcare regulations to ensure a safe, efficient, and compliant clinic design.

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Engineering Service
We are passionate about good engineering, applying our expertise from the simplest to the most complex engineering challenges. As engineers, we work closely with architects, owners, and facilities managers to look at projects from many angles to help you create an innovative yet adaptable design that meets the needs of those who eventually occupy your finished space. Our engineering team is experienced in managing the build of healthcare clinic labs, procedure rooms, treatment rooms, and specialized requirements like lead-lined x-ray rooms. We’re experts at completing high-quality medical projects, on time and within budget.

Whether for structural calculations or building plans, trust our team. Our professionals have a great experience with several structures: steel, reinforced concrete, wood, composite, etc. They will be able to adjust to the specifications of your project and to all your particular requests.

Our structural engineering service offers:
  • Design of substructures and superstructures
  • Consultancy and design solutions, from project inception to completion
  • Design for new-build extensions, remodelling, repurposing and refurbishment

Let our hands-on team of engineers help guide your next building design project.

$0 Design Fees when you select our in house Design-Build services


Your construction timeline matters to us. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, cost-efficient, and timely project completion.
Our coordination and management skills during the construction process will often reduce costs and accelerate the construction schedule by addressing any challenges early on, avoiding costly change orders and schedule delays. A key focus is coordinating all the needs of our clients and the project itself. In ensuring the construction process is met with the highest quality workmanship, our experienced project managers work closely with our sub-trades at every level. We have a proven track record of project management and execution of small and large medical facilities and renovation projects.
From the concept to creation, the entire construction process will be well organized, well-monitored, cost-efficient, and most importantly- to our client’s utmost satisfaction.
Corporate Banner

We assist with the development of interior or exterior signage that will create a solid brand for your medical office. We work with various sign manufacturers and distributors to ensure we can provide you with the best quality and pricing possible. 

from concept to creation


Our extensive construction, design and equipment experience can help you fulfill your dream.